In this section, we present emblematic cases of good and bad practices in social responsibility and sustainability.

Innovation and Environmental Regulations

By: Héctor Muskus.

Gradually occurring regulations around the world, social upheavals, populism, political polarization, customer requirements, and end-consumer pressures push companies towards new interpretations of the environment.


In the interconnected and globalized world, the possibility of a butterfly’s flutter causing a storm is already real; we are witnessing how the demands of a little girl in Sweden resonated around the world, how a virus that spread from one particular place came to affect the whole world in social, economic and political terms.


Despite this, sometimes we overlook all the signs. This is what happened in Mexico: thousands of jobs were lost because a large part of the companies dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of single-use plastics did not know how to listen or act when faced with a possible situation.