En esta sección presentamos casos emblemáticos de buenas y malas prácticas en responsabilidad social y sostenibilidad

Carlos calles, responsabilidad social, solidaridad laboral, COVID 19

Labor solidarity in times of COVID

 By: Carlos Calles

Companies and Human Resources professionals should enhance their social responsibility in these times of health and economic crisis by supporting those who seek opportunities in the labor market, even if the opportunities are not in their companies.

Promoting candidates, publishing open positions from other companies in a different branch or industry so as not to enter into conflicts are some options. Promoting Linkedin profiles, promoting entrepreneurs and ventures is another way.

Solidarity is social responsibility. Doing something for others is doing it for ourselves and our organizations.

Participating more and doing more work with talent exchange groups is another way to activate society and our social responsibility.

In times of crisis, planning and good actions are of great value.

We are going to create value from Human Resources in these new and challenging times.