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Operational discipline and Covid

 By: Julio César Rodríguez

The key issue in companies to prevent accidents and occupational diseases is to institute operational discipline at the individual and collective level; in other words, each and every one of the members of the organization “performs each activity in the correct way, always”.
With the continuous application of operational discipline, it is possible to reduce the level of risk, by reducing the exposure and probability of infection, as well as, the consequences and severity of the condition in the presence of Covid19.
We assume that every socially responsible company has generated the policies, procedures and work modalities to prevent the contagion of its workers. Some have applied teleworking, eliminating exposure in the workplace. Others have limited the number of employees present in the workplace, reducing the probability of disease and other companies, due to their continuous production, keep their workers attending the work centers permanently.
Of course, the level of risk in the work environment is higher in this last modality. The application of operational discipline in these circumstances is crucial to keep workers free from contagion of Covid19, as well as from any accident or other occupational disease
Within the policies and procedures adopted by each company, the application of operational discipline should be emphasized. For this, it is necessary that each worker knows how to perform each task correctly, including the measures implemented to prevent contagion. In the same way, you must verify that your colleagues apply the same prevention measures.
Second, you must make a commitment to do what is planned. Likewise, alert about those procedures that seem unsafe, take personal responsibility for what you do and stay focused on the task you are doing.
Finally, each worker must be aware of the potential of contagion and the seriousness of the situation and its consequences. To do this, you must take into account that the task can deviate from what was planned, maintain a broad vision of what is happening around you, control your work environment and the tasks you perform.