En esta sección presentamos casos emblemáticos de buenas y malas prácticas en responsabilidad social y sostenibilidad

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Safety in the new normality

 By: Carlos Calles

Although health protocols such as staying at home, healthy distance, communication, and online shopping should help to reduce problems of personal safety and our assets, it seems that this is not always the case.

In order not to be part of the statistics regarding insecurity, we recommend that behind the face mask, the glasses and / or the protective mask, remain attentive to possible events and especially to the people who hide and use these sanitary protection accessories as disguises.

The pandemic has not made us better people, vandalism and criminals are still in the streets and we should not with respect our protection and security, on the contrary, being alert is key for our safety.

Visits to bank branches and other unprotected risk places in the pandemic should be under extreme care.

Health, personal and property protection go hand in hand even in the new normality.