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The go-to solution solving the manual, inconsistent and increasingly complex challenges of today's competitive landscape

Enterprise FAST/AVOD Reporting Solutions

Grow your global viewership & revenue with Guardia Consultores's Enterprise FAST/AVOD Reporting Solutions.

Streamline, simplify and unify as your FAST/AVOD business operations scale:

  • Automate Viewership & Revenue Reporting from All Your Platforms in One Place
  • Simplify, Automate & Scale Your FAST/AVOD Partner Share Reporting

FAST/AVOD reporting

Drive Better Content Decisions, As You Scale

FAST/AVOD reporting is messy and inconsistent, with viewership and revenue often not reported at a title level and in many different formats.

Every month your teams spend their time struggling with endless spreadsheets, a lack of visibility, and no clear picture of the business.

With the expertise of the top content performance tracking solution in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years, Guardia Consultores's Content Performance Tracking solves the challenges of data inaccuracies and reporting. Recognize revenue at both title and channel level, and make strategic content acquisition and programming decisions.

FAST For Distributors

FAST Reporting Just Got Faster

Guardia Consultores Small & Medium-Size Business (SMB) FAST Solutions For Distributors.

Guardia Consultores FASTrack™

Guardia Consultores FASTrack™ pulls your data, across all platforms, giving you insights in a single, actionable view.

  • Manage your content provider contracts, tracking which titles they have provided and what rates you need to pay.
  • Automatically generates statements for each of your content providers, saving you time and creating complete transparency for audits.

FAST/AVOD Solution Set

Benefit From Our Entire FAST/AVOD Solution Set:

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