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Collaborate, Connect and Streamline to Fuel Your Content Planning Strategy.

Connected Content Planning Workflows

The Content Value Management (CVM) Platform Makes Content Planning Seamless With Real-Time Collaboration And A Single View Of Related Processes.

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Audience Insights To Drive Content Planning Decisions

CVM Insights delivers robust content and audience intelligence that reveals exactly what, how, when and why viewers are watching.

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Tap into the world’s largest panel of film and TV enthusiasts - 26 million and counting - for a truly holistic look at audience sentiment and behaviors, so you can make more profitable content planning decisions.

Collaborate On Programming And Content Acquisition

Programming teams must work together to acquire content for their platform. Our Acquisition Management Workflow delivers a single view of all available content.

Teams can use its powerful curation and collaboration tools to collectively and rapidly decide on the best content to acquire, while keeping the rest of the organization informed as to what’s coming down the pipeline.

Automate And Make Visible Your Media Supply Chain

A common complaint among content teams is that the entire media supply chain is a “black box”, with no visibility into where assets are and if they will be late.

Our Asset Order and Fulfillment Tracking Workflow automates ordering with 3rd-party labs and gives your whole team visibility into where assets are in the supply chain and if they will be on time or not.

Tame Your Pricing Challenges

Digital retail platforms need to constantly change their TVOD and EST prices across thousands of titles and multiple windows - creating risk for pricing errors or not allowing for appropriate margins.

With the Pricing and Merchandising Workflow, you get a powerful pricing rules engine that automatically sets prices and adjusts them as wholesale pricing changes because of windows or promotions.

Curate Your Entire Platform From Rights

Editorial management of video platforms is a significant challenge due to tremendous volumes of content and constant changes in content availability.

Our Editorial Management Workflow automates this process with an editorial rules engine based on content availability and editorial factors that you determine, to ensure that the right content is placed in the right part of your video experience.

Transform The Way You Plan And Manage Content

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