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Automate and Scale Financial Activities with Robust, Connected Workflows.

Connected Financial Operations Workflows

The Content Value Management (CVM) Platform Makes Financial Operations More Efficient And More Scalable, To Support Your Growth In Volume.

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Accelerate Settlement Processing

Our Linear Settlements workflow eliminates tedious manual work while ensuring control, accuracy and auditability for all pay TV, free to air and SVOD fees.

Automated programmer settlements will directly consume subscriber billing data, calculate all fee types from residential to B2B, generate statements and invoicing, and provide analytics into costs.

"Utilizing Guardia Consultores’s platform, allows for more collaboration leading to greater efficiencies, thus allowing us to get more value from our content. The ability to automate our VOD supply chain, and seamlessly connect to our studios and content readiness partners, provides a huge advantage and ability to drive growth in our business."

- Nikkole Denson-Randolph, VP of Content Strategy and Inclusive Programming, AMC Theaters

Guardia Consultores’s Platform Powering AMC Theatres On Demand

Royalty Reporting With Greater Accuracy And Control

Deliver studio compliant reporting - automatically - to all of your content providers with the VOD Royalties workflow, part of the CVM VOD & Streaming Suite.

With support for all TVOD, EST and PVOD models, VOD Royalties dynamically calculates the royalties due to each studio, while tracking minimum guarantees.

Streamline Title-Level Revenue Reporting

Meet reporting obligations, improve accuracy and control, and streamline title-level revenue reporting to hundreds of content providers.

The AVOD/FAST Partner Payments workflow allocates monthly revenue down to title, market and other dimensions for each AVOD/FAST revenue stream, and reports revenue allocations at different views, tracks content costs to subscriber level, and generates KPIs such as cost/viewing minute.

Control And Manage Content Cost

ASC 920 and direct-to-consumer are impacting the industry, forcing networks and streaming platforms to revisit the way they account for content costs.

Our Content Cost Amortization and Payments module automates and enforces policy into the way that content is accounted for and paid. Direct integrations to ERP systems increase cost savings and control.

Transform Your Critical Financial Operations

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