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Connected Workflows and Unique Insights to Enhance and Accelerate Licensing.

Connected Licensing Workflows

Increase Efficiency And Scalability In Your Licensing Processes To Keep Pace With A Rapidly Growing Volume Of Avails.

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Audience Insights You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

CVM Insights has the data you need to find the right titles for your audience.

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Rich intent, engagement, and affinity data for content across platforms and devices - collected through our TV Time app, the world’s largest panel of film and TV enthusiasts with over 26 million users - reveals the why behind the watch, for smarter and more informed licensing decisions.

Operationalize Your Content Contracts

Our Content Contract Management workflow provides a single view of information across all your contracts that can be used to automate your processes.

  • Keep track of rights, financial terms, recurring activities, provisions and obligations with sophisticated contract capture, change management and contract governance capabilities.
  • Flexible personalization and control provide full support for your unique contract processes.

Streamline Curation And Optimize Promotions

Minimize the manual effort of processing a high volume of avails with our Avails Aggregation workflow.

Its powerful features let you aggregate and standardize avails from all your content partners, centrally view and share data to understand avails and promotions in real time, and take all studio promotions into account to inform marketing and pricing decisions.

Transform The Way You License Content

How can the CVM Platform supercharge your licensing strategy?