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Proactive Content Acquisition to Help You Attract Audiences and Maximize Revenues. A More Intelligent And Efficient Way To Acquire The Content Your Audience Wants.

Understand Avails In Real-Time

As studios increase the number of windows and promotions, a rising number of avails - and the endless cycle of emails and spreadsheets required to process them - can overwhelm your team.

Guardia Consultores helps you keep track of massive volumes of avails in real time. You’ll instantly see what’s available to license and never miss an opportunity to take advantage of a studio offer or pricing promotion.

Learn about our licensing workflows.

Make Confident Licensing Decisions

Understand and evaluate title performance, audience profiles and affinity between titles.

  • Track anticipation and early performance of new releases. Monitor competitive viewership and engagement.
  • Identify undervalued assets using engagement and binge data to uncover the “hidden gems” at a fraction of the licensing cost.

Automate & Make Visible Your Media Supply Chain

A common complaint among content teams is that the entire media supply chain is a “black box”, with no visibility into where assets are and if they will be late.

Our Asset Order and Fulfillment Tracking Workflow automates ordering with 3rd-party labs and gives your whole team visibility into where assets are in the supply chain and if they will be on time or not.

Collaborate With Your Team

Improved visibility and control promotes collaboration across your entire team, even as your business scales.

A single, consolidated, customizable view of all available content lets your acquisitions and content planning users work closely together to select the titles that will best serve your viewers.

Take Content Licensing And
Acquisitions To The Next Level

Partner with Guardia Consultores to supercharge your content licensing and acquisition strategy.