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Elevate Your Promotional Strategies With a Data-Driven Approach to Marketing.

Discover CVM Insights

Engagement, Sentiment, Competitive And Predictive Insights For Smarter, Better Decisions About How To Promote Your Content.

Refine Your Strategies

Our unique audience intelligence helps you develop more informed marketing strategies and measure the effectiveness of plans in progress.

Track title anticipation to see if campaigns are generating viewing intent.

See which trailers, art, titles and concepts resonate most with audiences. Or monitor consumer engagement with talent to determine which characters or storylines to promote.

Go Beyond Social Listening Data

Our audience is your audience, and they are sharing exactly what, how, when and why they are watching.

Our solutions go beyond social listening data to deliver valuable intelligence across the full cycle of consumption - from intent and delivery through viewership, engagement and loyalty.

Transform Your Marketing & Research Strategy

Partner with Guardia Consultores to take marketing and research to the next level.