Platforms & Operators - Programming/Development

Ignite Audience Engagement With the Right Content.

Discover CVM Insights

Enable Smarter, Better Programming And Greenlighting Strategies To Boost Subscriber Acquisition And Retention.

Know What Viewers Want To Watch

Tap into audience intelligence that gives you powerful, first-hand sentiment, competitive and predictive insights.

Unique data for better programming decisions.

With our unique data, you can make more informed and effective programming and development decisions by understanding consumer engagement trends, gauging attitudes towards talent, revealing the relationships between titles, measuring binge rates and more.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Effective programming decisions require you to keep an eye on your competitors and be in the know about what’s happening on other platforms.

Our proprietary insights tell you how consumers are engaging with competitive titles, and let you compare predicted performance of competitive content with your own.

Streamline And Simplify Your Processes

Enhance programming and development activities with a single, centralized view of all contracts, titles, rights and avails from all your content providers.

A unified, intuitive interface helps you understand all your avails in a timely way, so you can most efficiently manage pricing, promotions, metadata and placement.

Supercharge Your Programming
And Development Strategy

Partner with Guardia Consultores to take programming and development to the next level.