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Discover the CVM Platform

We designed the CVM Platform to be part of a heterogenous best-of-breed environment.

  • Nearly all of our deployments are fully integrated with other enterprise systems such as ERP Business Intelligence, Billing, Enterprise Workflow and Media Asset Management.
  • Uniquely, we also integrate externally to become part of a seamless partner ecosystem for your content supply chain.

CVM Platform

Why Build When You Can Buy?

You can deliver immediate value to your business users, while keeping your staff free to focus on other important IT initiatives.

With your teams stretched thin, you need find ways to do more with less.

Why struggle to find the time and the resources to build solutions to support your content process, when you can leverage proven solutions from a vendor that's been trusted by industry leaders for more than a decade? With our plug-and-play CVM Platform, you'll get up and running quickly.

Enterprise Cloud-Native Architecture

The CVM Platform was created as cloud-native and enterprise from the start, and is built on AWS infrastructure to ensure optimum security and reliability.

Our solutions are also designed to offer maximum scalability, with a modular design that lets you easily solve today’s challenges then expand your solution as your business - and your needs - grow.

Enterprise Security

The CVM Platform is designed to be inherently secure, with individual application instances deployed for each customer.

Access is subject to IP whitelisting and we encourage SSO to your authentication services. All of our processes are SOC1 Type II and SOC2 Type II certified.

Continuous Product Evolution

As the industry changes, we continuously evolve and improve the CVM Platform.

We provide new product releases every quarter, so it never becomes a legacy system.

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