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Connected, Scalable Workflows to Enhance Key Finance Activities.

Financial Operations Workflows

Automate And Scale Your Financial Operations And Drive A Unified View Of Global Content Performance.

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The Industry’s Leading Performance Tracking Solution

Our Performance Tracking workflow is the dominant industry solution used by every major Hollywood studio and dozens of other large distributors.

It reduces the time and effort of manual performance data aggregation to give your team clean, consistent, real-time third-party content usage and revenue data - from more than 1,100 platforms around the world - to automate financial and sales reporting.

MGM Roars to the Top With Streamlined Digital Distribution.

Streamline Revenue Management

Our Revenue Management workflow is a fully auditable solution with SOC1 Type II and SOC2 Type II certification.

Improve revenue accounting for performance-based deals with powerful capabilities that automate the reconciliation of reported revenue to contract-calculated revenue and dynamically generate accruals, and invoicing.

Solutions For Subscription Streaming Apps

Solutions For Subscription Streaming Apps Keep pace with a growing number of subscription streaming apps and the massive influx of data coming in from a rising number of wholesale partners.

We provide full support with fully managed retrieval and ingestion of reporting in different formats, complete visibility into your app subscriptions across every wholesale partner, and fully automated accruals, refunds processing, revenue recognition and deferrals.

Performance Tracking and Revenue Management for Subscription Streaming Apps Fact Sheet

Managing The Growth Of AVOD/FAST Distribution

AVOD/FAST distribution is exploding, offering a new and highly profitable way to exploit your entire library and expose new generations of viewers to your content.

  • Keeping track of revenue and viewership at an episode level can be challenging due to widely varying reporting from platforms.
  • The CVM Platform provides detailed reporting by episode and across platforms, immediately giving you the data you need to grow your business.

Transform Your Critical Financial Operations

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