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Elevate Your Promotional Strategies With a Data-Driven Approach to Marketing.

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Develop More Effective Marketing Plans.

Know what content to promote to which audiences with deep intelligence that tells you what’s resonating with viewers and why, what they’re currently watching, and what they intend to watch in the future. Our intent, engagement and affinity data gives you the insights you need to create more compelling and relevant marketing programs.

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Refine And Target Your Marketing Efforts

Leverage the Demand Score™, our cutting-edge performance metric, to anticipate how your titles will perform in a specific territory on a specific platform.

These predictions will help you determine who the best potential buyers are for your content, so you can be more precise and more targeted in your marketing approach.

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Rich insights and predictive analytics help you know your market, engage in more effective outreach and promote the right content to the right buyers.

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