Studios & Distributors - Programming/Development

Valuable Insights to Fuel Better Development and Greenlighting Decisions.

Get More Value From Library Content

Drive even greater ROI from your existing content library by tracking content performance, monitoring viewer behavior and analyzing sentiment and engagement trends.

These insights can reveal new sales opportunities, or spark creative development ideas such as reboots and spinoffs.

Content Affinity

Know What’s Resonating With Viewers

What is your target audience watching? How did they react to it? What is their awareness of and attitudes toward talent? Our intent, sentiment and affinity data gives you a firsthand look at what your viewers really want to see.

Understand Content Affinity

The ability to understand relationships between titles - what other shows and movies fans of certain titles are watching - can help you make better development decisions.

Leverage our affinity data to track viewing across broadcast, cable and streaming properties, as well as off-platform viewing, to drive development decisions or determine what to license to buyers.

Empower Your Creative Team

Our “always on” consumer panel of over 25 million film & TV enthusiasts continuously captures information about viewer sentiment and behaviors across platforms and devices.

Arm your creative team with a wealth of current audience insights to help them make smarter decisions about what content to greenlight or acquire for resale.

Power Your Creative Strategy

Power Your Creative Strategy With Data That Informs Development, Content Trends And Talent On The Rise.

Supercharge Your Programming
And Development Strategy

Ready to make more informed and creative content development decisions?